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Official press release

Moscow Chemical Lyceum (MCL) is a high school for science gifted students.

The MCL was founded in 1990 by Moscow Department of Education on the initiative of Russian Academy of Sciences. The primary goal of the MCL is the provision of favourable conditions for the advance and self-realization of students with heightened faculties and motivation for creative research in sciences and mathematics.

The key point of the MCL educational medium is the deep integration with Russian Academy of Sciences research centers that demand high-qualified specialists. Together with Moscow Department of Education and N.D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, MCL established a unique chemical laboratory equipped with up-to-date research instruments. It is used to train the MCL students in experimental techniques and methodology and to carry out their research projects.

Every year the MCL students are among winners of regional, Russian and International chemistry olympiads, scientific fairs and conferences.

All general subjects in the MCL, including humanities, imply original advanced courses adapted to the demands and opportunities of creative personality.

Another aspect of MCL studentship is the wide spectrum of humanitarian activities aimed at the development of general creative potential: theatre studio, rock bands, academic chorus, chamber orchestra, studio for classic vocal, acoustic and electric guitar.
Most of the students spend holidays in specially organized expeditions of ecological, archeologiocal, restorational or local-history type. The routes have included adapted and extreme walking tours and touristic trips, among those Baykal, Carpathians, South Ural, the Caucasus, north-Russian lakes, Solovki islands, Kola peninsula, Crimea, big cities of Russia and Ukraine.

100% of the MCL graduates continue education in the universities, mainly in Higher Chemical College of Mendeleev's Russian Chemical Technology University, Moscow State University and other leading universities.

The MCL course takes last three years of the school grade (15-17 years old). Additionally, the optional interscolar classes are organized to provide advanced and systematic chemical courses to the students from other Moscow schools (8-11 grades).

Schoolchildren enter the MCL from the dedicated competition. The education in the MCL is free, neither personal sponsorship nor additional paid services are held.

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