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Innovative development of higher education on the basis of integration with the basic science


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Moscow Chemical Lyceum > Mendeleev's University
Higher Chemical College
> research and engineering centers     research centers
  the key point is
the lyceum and university student involvement into the scientific research in the Russian Academy of Sciences research and engineering centers
the framework of continuous education > training of high-skilled specialists for the research and engineering centers of Rus. Acad. Scis.


    The key point is the continuity of education due to the combination of the three educational stages into a complex:
  • Moscow Chemical Lyceum
  • Higher Chemical College of Rus. Acad. Scis.
  • Chemical research institutions of Rus. Acad. Scis.
    This framework provides:
  • succession of the high school and university educational workplans
  • accordance of the educational workplans to the modern state of science and to the requirements of the research centers
  • research-oriented style of chemical practice; usage of the modern methodology and the research center equipment
  • early involvement of the chemist-to-be into the scientific work
    High scientific motivation of lyceum and university students leads to:
  • most of students stay in the corresponding research center after the university graduation
  • ~60% of students make PhD degree within 5 years after the graduation
  • solution of the brain drain problem
  • good conditions for maintenance and development of scientific schools and succession of the scientific knowledge
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